Young Global Initiators were asked to put together a seminar for The Development Fund and the Diaspora Network´s conference for Future Leaders with multicultural background. We arranged an introductory workshop about entrepreneurship and leadership. The event was is in collaboration with Global Shapers Oslo.

The program consisted of the following parts:

  • Sundeep Singh (Lawyer, BA-HR & Curator, Global Shapers Oslo) had a workshop about leadership and how multicultural background can give you certain advantages in prospering as a leader.
  • Tore Rasmussen (Co-creator, Playing Lean & Innovator) gave an introduction in basic entrepreneurial skills needed to start up a business through the use of a board game called Playing Lean.
  • Sarah Overby (Founder of Young Global Initiators, Member of Global Shapers & HR Generalist, Avanade) had a workshop about the Belbin Framework. She spoke about leadership – the importance of knowing who you are (your strengths and weaknesses) in order to put together the right team that complements you.
  • Rafed Hossain (Renewable Energy Engineer at Statkraft & Consultant at Young Global Initiators) gave a motivational speech on how to integrate into the Norwegian job market. He also spoke about how he got his dream job although being an outsider and new to the language in Norway.