For startups
& entrepreneurs

We help entrepreneurs structure their concepts and build their teams through specific exercises, such as for example resource and team mapping workshops and business plan competitions.

For young leaders
& change agents

Together with young leaders and change agents we identify key hindering and facilitating factors for creating impact in a specific community/region and facilitate arenas where they can be actualized, discussed, mapped out and where solutions can be developed. As such, our aim is to help them to navigate through these challenges in order to create a more sustainable and well-developed environment that foster positive change in both local and global terms.

For potential & up-coming

We aim to inspire young people that carry entrepreneurial ideas, helping them to identify and in turn realize their potential and skills, either guiding them on their way to start their own company and building their own team, or helping them to find their role in society by matching them to corresponding startups and companies that match their values and ideas.